Pre Project Phase is the core foundation of any project wherein the project's needs, goals & means to achieve the goals are defined.

In this vital stage, success and feasibility of the project can be predicted by evaluating various parameters such as Preliminary Design Criteria, Budgets, Schedules, Funding options as well as Operational ease.

Our Specialization

A strong customer focus, an in-depth knowledge of core technologies & International industrial practices and our strength in Engineering expertise, enable Simon India to successfully execute projects worldwide.



In this preliminary phase of an EPCM project wherein the basic design parameters and information are outlined.

Such design parameters and information form the basis for the next phase i.e. Basic Engineering or Front End Engineering Design (FEED), as the case may be.

During this phase, Block Flow Diagram (BFD) depicting flow scheme, preliminary Process Flow Diagram (PFD), basic Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), basic control philosophy, major equipment process data sheets, basic interlock description; may be developed depending upon the client’s requirement.



Feasibility Study is the tool to determine whether the project is worth the investment especially where huge finance is at stake.

Feasibility Study can either be a preliminary or a detailed study. Preliminary studies with an accuracy level of ± Approx. 25 % provide preliminary technical & commercial information for evaluating the viability of the project.

This is mainly applicable for selecting the best idea among several ideas by short-cut methods.

On the other hand, detailed feasibility study with a ± 10-15% accuracy level, provide more accurate cost estimation as well as financial analysis and viability of the project in terms of Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Payback Period etc.

This is usually used to determine whether or not the project should be advanced to final engineering and construction stage.



After a project is found to be feasible, a detailed bankable report of the project is prepared that covers most suitable technology options and financial structuring of the project.

This report is prepared, taking into consideration-the requirements for obtaining clearances from various government agencies and also to approach various financial institutions.



SIL provides extensive support for evaluating, selecting & making tie-ups with Technology Licensors, as per the project need.