We are an Engineering EPCM Contractor with presence in diversified sectors such as Chemicals, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Cement, Power and Oil & Gas.



Residual Basic Engineering involves basic engineering package for units not covered by the Basic Engineering Package (BEP) provided by the Technology Licensor. Generally, Residual Basic Engineering is done for utility and offsite areas or open-art process units. SIL has done Residual Basic Engineering in almost all its projects.


The purpose of FEED is to do further engineering based on Basic Engineering or Concept development (where no basic engineering is required). During FEED Phase, most of the parameters related to equipment, piping, structure etc. are frozen for arriving at Project Design basis and a rough Project investment cost is evaluated. This forms the basis for bidding the Execution Phase Contracts ( EPCM, etc.)


Detailed Engineering is the critical bond that connects the Preliminary Engineering stage with the Construction phase of a project. It is a systematic progression from Process Design and Selection of Mechanical Equipment, to detailing of Control Equipment & Electrical Supply requirements and eventually, Civil and Structural design.

Detailed Engineering forms an integral part of EPCM, LSTK or EPCM Projects. Apart from that, SIL has also performed stand-alone detailed engineering services directly for many TechnologyLicensors such as SES, Waterleau & Lurgi.

SIL’s capability in Plant Engineering also includes 3D modelling using software such as PDS, Tekla Autoplant. 3D modelling helps in Plant Design, taking into account the Bill of Material of the components and thereby helps in reducing the Re-engineering and Modification costs.


Effective Project Management is key for successful execution of projects; be it EPCM or PMC.

SIL has established systems, procedures and softwares for efficient and effective project management, monitoring and control. We operate on the concept of appointing a task force for large and complex projects.

The task force, led by a dedicated Project Manager, comprises of engineers coming from all disciplines, which contributes largely towards executing the said project smoothly.

The project documentation, integrity & progress through workflows are monitored at all stages by the ‘Wrench’ software.

In the case of large and complex projects, a dedicated Engineering Coordinator is also appointed as a part of the execution team for efficient coordination and all projects are regularly reviewed by the top management.

Simon India has developed and implemented procedures for planing and making schedules up to Level 4, establishing progress measurement methodologies, monitoring the project progress, developing look-ahead schedules, shortfall analysis, catch-up schedules, progress reporting etc. Simon India has an independent Planning and Scheduling team which is professionally qualified & well experienced in carrying out this function in its Design Office as well as at all its construction sites.


We at Simon India, provide Quality & Cost – Effective Procurement Services for all our projects within the given time schedule; using our vast database comprising of reputed Indian & International vendors.


Expediting & Inspection of critical equipment at vendor’s workplace area is a vital part of Procurement activities of any project.

Expediting is an ongoing process carried out by experienced expeditors to ensure timely delivery of the product and avoiding unnecessary delays due to poor workmanship or incorrect specifications.

Inspection for all types of mechanical, electrical, electronic and instrumentation equipment as per the agreed Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is done by our qualified team and sometimes, partially off-loaded to reputed third party agencies as well.


We undertake complete range of construction activities with support of approved Contractors. Our Construction Team supervises & manages the site work and ensures that all necessary quality and safety measures are incorporated during the construction process.

SIL also provide stand-alone Construction Management Services on case to case basis.


Post - Mechanical completion, the Site Construction team is further joined by our Commissioning professionals to provide complete support to the Client/Licensor in order to carry out successful Commissioning and Guarantee Test-Run of the Plant.